Toothpick Magic III

The effects which we show you here are all intended to be done with toothpicks or wood matches. Miss the second  part?  Click here.

Roman Number Puzzles.

This time around we are using our matches to form Roman Numeral equations.

The Bad Sum

The first equation is not correct, and the objetive is to make the equation right, by moving ONLY one match which you see in the next illustration.

"Toothpick magic" with Roman Numerals

Notice the difference?  You simply shift the top match in the equal sign over to the left to make the minus sign into an equal sign and the formula is now correct.

Your viewpoint is wrong!

The next equation is also wrong, but in this case the challenge is for your mate to get the solution right WITHOUT touching any match at all. This, seemingly impossible feat is accomplished by changing his position and looking at this from the other side (or turning this picture upside down). From that point of view, the equation is completely correct.

The way you see it looking straight at it, we're saying that 10 plus 1 equals 9, which is obviously not right.   But, if your companion goes to the other side of the table, the equation says that 11 is equal to 10 plus one.

This little puzzle is sometimes used as a  way to illustrate the idea that if you think someone is wrong, all you have to do is look at what they see from a different point of view.

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