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Avacado Bliss

One avocado halved and stone removed.Fill it with small shrimps mixed with mayonnaise. An easy quick special lunch.

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Southern Seafood dish

I used 6 garlic cloves, 6 red potatoes, 6 ears of corn shelled on shrimp and old bay seasoning. I've lost the recipe need help preparing it again. Can

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Guacamole Recipe

Note by SW: This isn't a shrimp recipe, but I've accepted it for a couple of reasons. First, I like guacamole; but even more important this is a dish

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Bergen Market - Norway

I've never eaten prawns / (shrimps)like the ones we ate fresh at Bergen market in Norway. Right on the sea front is the most fantastic seafood market.

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Great Ideas

Great Ideas are things which we've discovered that are too good to keep to ourselves and which we think could be of use or value to shrimp lovers.

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