Shrimp Translation Tips

Shrimp Translation Tips are a collection of "how do you say Shrimp" in a few other languages.  If you can provide more, we --and other shrimp lovers -- will certainly be in your debt.

Readers are cautioned to take care in using these translations to avoid misunderstandings.   Some of the terms appear to refer to the equivalent of "shrimp" as a small person which is derived  from Middle English shrimpe, meaning "pygmy," and not the crustacean which we mainly discuss on this web site.

nice shrimp

Listed in alphabetical order as known in English.

العربيه (Arabic)

  • ‏(الاسم) ألروبيان أو ألقريدس, , شخص أو شيء قميء أو ضئيل (فعل) يصيد ألروبيان‏

中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified))

  • 虾, 无足轻重的人, 矮个子, 小东西, 捕虾

中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional))

  • n. - 蝦, 無足輕重的人, 矮個子, 小東西
  • v. - 捕蝦

Dansk (Danish)

  • n. - reje, tangreje, splejs, spirrevip
  • v. - fange rejer

Nederlands (Dutch)

  • garnaal

Français (French)

  • n. - (Zool, Culin) crevette grise, gringale
  • v. - pêcher des crevettes

Deutsch (German)

  • n. - Garnele, Krabbe, Knirps
  • v. - nach Garnelen fischen

Ελληνική (Greek)

  • n. - (μικρή) γαρίδα, (μτφ.) μικρόσωμος άνθρωπος
  • v. - ψαρεύω γαρίδες

עברית (Hebrew)

  • n. -סרטן, שרימפ, חסילון, ננס, גוץ
  • v. - יצא לציד סרטנים

Italiano (Italian)

  • gamberetto

日本語 (Japanese)

  • n. - エビジャコ, 小エビ
  • v. - 小エビを捕る

한국어 (Korean)

  • n. - 작은 새우, 왜소한 사람, 꼬마
  • v. - 작은 새우를 잡다

Português (Portuguese)

  • n. - camarão (m), nanico (m) (fig.)
  • v. - pescar camarões

Русский (Russian)

  • мелкая креветка, карлик, ничтожный человек, ловить креветок

Español (Spanish)

  • n. - gamba, camarón, langostino, enano, hombrecillo
  • v. - pescar langostinos

Svenska (Swedish)

  • n. - räka, tångräka, puttefnask, plutt, kryp
  • v. - fånga räkor

If you can provide us with a pronunciation guide for any of these words, we'd be most happy to have you contact us.

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