Shrimp Soup Magic

This trick of Shrimp Soup Magic is suggested to be used when serving Icelandic Shrimp Soup, but could easily be adapted to any other recipe just by modifying a bit the story you tell about it.

This is a self-working card trick.  Just follow the directions.  Because we are using this in our shrimp magic, it would be nice to have a deck of cards with a shrimp design on the backs.  I'm looking for somewhere that sells this and will let you know if I find one.

Shrimp Soup Magic Effect:

The magician deals out three columns of cards. Someone mentally picks a card and tells the magician what column it's in. The magician does that three times then deals the cards in smaller groups face down and has the person choose groups which are eliminated until the only card which is left was the card which was original chosen.

Shrimp Soup Magic Patter

patterExplain that the recipe you prepared today in addition to being tasty and nutritious, also seems to have an effect of making it possible to mentally control small objects. You have a demonstration using cards, to show what you mean and you proceed to deal out the cards as we describe below.

It is helpful, while you are doing this to keep on talking about shrimps, telling people various different facts and details about shrimps just to keep their minds away from what you're actually doing.

A great part of magic depends on "distraction" of your audience.  This is the real use of "patter" which the magician uses.  If people are listening to what is being said, it's harder for them to follow the actions your making.

When you practice this trick, try to get to the point where you can keep up a constant stream of babble while you're dealing the cards, breaking the stream only enough to ask the people to name the columns where the cards are located.

If you have trouble with what to say, just tell them what you're doing.  Eg.  "Now I'm going to deal these out again.  See there's the Ace of Spades, and the Queen of Hearts ...." etc.

Shrimp Soup Magic Supplies:

21 cards, all different

wandShrimp Soup Magic Presentation :

  • Lay out the cards, face up, 3 across and 7 down. Place them so that each card value is visible in each column with the last card placed always on the top.
  • cards 1
    First lay out of cards.  For practice you might want to use cards in sequence, ordered by suit.  Later -- when you get the hang of it -- this doesn't matter. Any value of cards can be used because the trick is self-working provided you do the steps correctly.
  • Have someone think of a card and tell you what column it's in. Tell them to remember that card.
  • Slide the cards together into three piles. Pick up all the cards, making sure to place the pile which contains the chosen card in between the other two piles.

  • In this sample we're pretending the person has said the card is in the first column, so it goes in the middle.
  • Turn over the combined pile and deal out the cards again, three across and seven down, again forming 3 columns of 7 overlapping cards.
  • cards 2
    This is how the first group will look when dealt again with the black column correctly placed in the middle.  This time the person tells us that the card in in the far right column.
  • Again ask the person who chose the first card which column has the card they chose.
  • Close up the piles and again pick up the piles so that the pile which contains the chosen card is in-between the other two piles.

  • Again turn over the combined pile and deal out the cards a third time three across and seven down. This time when you ask which column contains the card, notice the card which is fourth from top. This is the card which was chosen.
  • cards
    Third lay out as you should see it.  What is the 4th card in the first column?  That is the chosen card.
  • Pick up the cards again, and combine the piles the same way as before and remember that the chosen card is 11th down from the top of the pile.
  • Split the pile into several smaller groups of 5 or 6 rosettes each and place them face down on the table, remembering where the 11th card is located.

  • This is how the cards might be laid out for this step.  The photo shows the 11th card turned face up so you can see it is the chosen card.  The elimination process from this point is simply to distract the volunteer.  You already know the card and it's location. Now you're just prolonging the end to make it seem more complicated than it really is.
  • Ask the volunteer to choose one of the rosettes.

    If they choose a rosette which does not have the chosen card, take it off the table.

    Keep doing this until they choose the pile which contains the 11th card.

  • When they choose the pile with the 11th card, remove any other remaining piles from the table then ask them to choose two cards.

    If they choose two which do not include the 11th card, remove them from the ones on the table.

    When the two cards they choose include the 11th card, remove the others and leave those two.

  • Now ask to choose one card.

    If they choose the 11th card, remove the other one. Ask them to name their card. Turn over the card on the table and it will be the card they named.

This trick can use playing cards, recipe cards or any other kind of card, as long as they are all different and easily remembered by the person.

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