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shrimp scampi
 typical shrimp scampi recipe

If you want Shrimp Scampi recipes it may help to clarify whether you're looking for the real thing, or what most people think is scampi.

You see, in North America "scampi" has been widely known as a particular way of preparing shrimp -- usually the way it is served in an Italian restaurant.

The real thing

In Italy, however, scampi is the plural for scampo, and loosely translated this means shrimp.  Originally it was the term used for Norwegian Lobster, or Dublin Bay Prawns.

Since, shrimp and prawns can be easily substituted back and forth in virtually every recipe, you can basically pick any recipe on this website, and technically be preparing "scampi."  If that's OK with you, take your pick from the following drop down list:

What's your favorite Shrimp Dish?

Why not share it with other shrimp lovers?  They'd love to hear from you.

The other Scampi

If it's the other Scampi you're hankering for, then here's some suggestions:

  • Scampi An extremely popular and simple dish, typical of Italian shrimp cookery.
  • Shrimp Pil Pil is a very simple and tasty Chilean variation on Garlic Shrimp. Eat it with your bare hands and you can't avoid licking your fingers. Compare both the preparation and the results of this and you'll find it almost identical to the most typical of scampi.
  • Shrimp Scampi Pasta is a combination that is hard to beat--try this magical invention of chef Tyler Florence.

Apart from the above, one of my key resources The Ultimate Shrimp Book suggests several variations on a basic Scampi recipe.  These include:

  • Garlic Lovers' Scampi in which you double the amount of garlic in the recipe.
  • Grilled Scampi in which you marinate the shrimp in all the spices and oils then grill them and pour the marinade over the cooked shrimp just before serving.
  • Heart-Healthy Scampi in which you substitute any butter in the recipe for pure olive oil.
  • Martini Scampi in which you add a 1/4 cup of gin and some juniper berries to the marinade, and garnish the dish with green olives.
  • Spicy Scampi in which you add a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, or more it you like it, to your marinade.

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