Whitespot Restaurants are a legend in British Columbia, particularly for their hamburgers.  Perhaps, though, their fame may be mis-directed.

I received a very pleasant surprise when, after a long absence from the area, I visited a Whitespot restaurant in Courtenay, B.C.  To my delight, I discovered that there were no less than seven different shrimp dishes offered by the restaurant.

Here's what I found on their menu:

Champagne Prawn Risotto - Prawns simmered with shallots, cream, Champagne, vine-ripened tomatoes and asparagus over creamy Italian Arborio risotto.

Prawn & Amorosa Tomato Pizza - We top our thin crust pizza with a base of extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and chilli peppers then add prawns marinated with our lemon-herb sauce, Amorosa tomatoes, fresh chopped basil, our special blend of cheeses and frizzled onions.

nobashi shrimp

Nobashi Prawns - We guarantee you’ll love them. Hand-pulled prawns prepared in a light tempura style batter with a sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping.

Scallop and Prawn Risotto - Sautéed tender scallops and prawns on a bed of creamy Italian Arborio risotto enriched with mushrooms, pine nuts, basil and Parmesan cheese.

Seafood Fusilli - Prawns and scallops sautéed with toasted fennel seeds and simmered with mushrooms and sweet bell peppers in a flavorful white wine tomato sauce. Tossed with whole wheat fusilli. 

Toasted Shrimp Sandwich - Shrimp, lettuce, mayo & our chili sauce on toasted white. 

That's only 6, right?  But there's another item that doesn't show on all their menus but, it certainly sounds like it would go down nicely for a shrimp lover feeling a bit like Mexican ... it's Shrimp Tacos.

A new legend in the making?

By my count, there were more shrimp options on the menu than there were for the hamburgers which the restaurant is so famous for.  Could we be seeing the start of a new legend?

Thanks to John Parent, owner of the Courtenay Whitespot, I was able to photograph his chef, Jon Nelson, making Nobashi prawns.

Want to visit their website?  It's at http://www.whitespot.com/

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