Scampi Magic

This bit of scampi magic, although suggested to be used when serving our easy shrimp Scampi recipe, is like many other tricks we will show you here and can be adapted to many other recipes and situations.

wiz hatThe Effect

The magician has written something in a sealed envelope which will predict something which is decided by the group at this time.

The story and presentation

talkYou weave a tale about how you discovered that certain kinds of shrimp have qualities that are very special.  You can mention that there are creatures in the sea, like electric eels which can produce very high currents.  Other creatures emit light and glow in the dark areas of the sea where sunlight never penetrates.

Well, you say, there are certain kinds of shrimp that capture thought waves and you heard somewhere that this capacity sometimes is temporarily transferred to people who come into contact with them, before they are cooked.

You  think that you might have found one of these when you were preparing this scampi meal because you had a "flash of inspiration" go through your mind while you were working with them. 

You decided to do an experiment and to test this you wrote something down on a piece of paper which you've stored in a safe place so that we could test it this evening when there were other people here.

You ask people if they will help you in the experiment.  When they agree, you start by asking them to suggest the names of common colors.

As they mention them, you write them down on a large sheet of paper.  When you have four, you stop and say that's enough for now.

After your audience has named four colors, and you've written them down, you say that this afternoon you concentrated on what would be the single color which would be chosen by your guests and circled by mutual consent by all of you here.

Ask that they choose a delegate, and to have that person draw a circle around one of the colors on the list.  You can even leave the room while they do this.

When you return you ask the chosen person to show you the color they have chosen.  When you know it you ask that person to look under the chair that John (one of your guests) is sitting on, to find an envelope you left taped there this afternoon.

starsThey open the envelope and the color you have written exactly matches the one which has been circled.

Preparation for Scampi Magic

Earlier in the day you prepare 4 envelopes each containing a slip of paper on which you've written one of the colors which will be on the list prepared by your guests.

You hide each envelope in a different place, remembering where each color was hidden, when you learn the color which has been chosen, you ask for someone to recover the envelope from the place where that color was hidden.

When people are naming colors you want to get them to mention only Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

If they mention others you reject them.  For example say that  Black and White aren't technically colors.  Brown and Pink, are "combination", colors.  Chartreuse, and Burgundy aren't acceptable because they are too "exotic." Accept only those that are one of those you want, stop when you have all you want.

Be careful to not hide all the envelopes in similar locations (like under different chairs.)  Put one under a chair, another in a teapot, another inside the telephone book, etc.

Note:  You can make this even more spectacular by increasing the number of colors (or use other things ... as long as you can "control" the list of words on the list.)  The key is to remember where you've hidden each of the different words so that you can then direct people to the correct envelope.

Another suggestion for preparation:  have something planned that will shift the attention elsewhere when you've finished so that people don't have the chance to cross-examine you too much.  Maybe you've left something on the stove that needs to be turned off before it burns ....


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