Scampi crudi alla maniera di dalla Valentina, with shrimp fume calamari risotto

by Silvio Piattelli
(Tavarnelle Italy)

C'est magnifique!

C'est magnifique!

This is a combination of an easy but unbelievable shrimp dish--Scampi crudi alla maniera di dalla Valentina, with shrimp fume calamari risottoa which is a bit more difficult, made from the leftovers of the first dish.

History. I am a glass agent, I work with many Murano fatories. One of the glassmasters, Adriano dalla Valentina, in my opinion, absolutely the best fish cook I have ever met.

His specialies are "Bisato sull'ara" (eel made on glass annealing oven for christmas) and "moeche in saor" same as "sarde in saor" but using venetian lagoon soft shell crab.

I was returning to my home in Florence and asked him advise and tips on something I could handle.

Here we go:

Fresh Fresh Fresh shrimp. Go to the fish market, smell the shrimp which must not have any "fishy water" smell. Get enough to serve at least 2 fat shrimp per person. Never store in the freezer.

Clean the shrimp taking apart the head. With a short knife take out the edible part from the tail. Save the scraps for the second part.

Dry and clean with a cloth. Put the cleaned shrimp on a shallow bowl.

Prepare a sauce with equal amounts of lemon and orange juice. No seeds.

Salt and pepper. Ground pepper please. Let the salt and pepper mix a little with lemon and orange juice.

Add olive oil and stir a little with a fork till becomes white. Important to add olive oil after salt and pepper as olive oil would prevent them from mixing well.

Marinate shrimp for one hour before serving in the sauce. Remove excess of sauce and serve.

Now the difficult part

Prepare a vegetable broth with celery, onion and one tomato.

Boil until the vegetables are soft.

Add all the heads, clamps and shell of the shrimps. Boil for an hour. While boiling press and crunch as much as you can. Then strain the obtained broth.

In a separate shallow pan (padella we call it) prepare the risotto.

Combine the olive oil and sliced onions. Let the onions get "colored", don't burn the onions.

Add white wine, let the wine steam out and the onion get soft.

Add cleaned sliced calamari (squid) and cook for 10 minutes or to when they are a little softed, don't worry they would finish cooking after with the rice.

Pour about 70 grams of rice (per person) without any water. Let the rice get warm but not burnt in the pan. It's like toasting.

Slowly add your broth (called fume' as that's a typical French cuisine process) and keep stiring the rice. Never add too much shrimp broth so that you would get a regular soft rice.

Let the broth dry and add more till the risotto is made. Keep tasting, risotto is not soft and it is toasted.

I am not a cook, but I prepared this for my wife's birthday, she is a chef and I was able to surprise her.

Recipe compliments of Silvio from and my mouth is watering just reading this! I can't wait to try it.


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