My SBI Experience


My SBI experience began even before SBI existed.  In the late 1990's, I bought an e-book called How to Make Your Site Sell which encapsulated all the good marketing principles I had learned over the years and wrapped it up with a good measure of common sense applied to the new internet phenomena.

I was so impressed with the integrity demonstrated by Dr. Ken Evoy in that book that I quickly signed up as an affiliate, even though I didn't foresee myself going out and becoming a drum major in his marketing parade.  To me, I just wanted to be a part of the winning team he was going to build.

Being an affiliate for MYSS gave me an opportunity to get in one the beta testing of a new product which Dr. Evoy was launching, called Site Build It (SBI).

SBI Beginning

The whole idea of SBI, from the very beginning, was to teach people how to build a successful web site, using the same approach which MYSS described, but packaging it so that the technical details and the software needs of the new website were all provided, leaving the new site builder free to concentrate on doing the things that would make the site succeed as a business.

The early versions of SBI were rough and clunky.  I can remember writing that if the system were a workhorse, the characteristics which best described it were being ornery and plodding.  Fortunately, all the difficulties I encountered in those days have been overcome, and while no one will ever describe it as a race-horse, it has become one of the finest web business building systems around, being taught in respected colleges and universities around the world.

My first SBI Experience

 Another thing which impressed me about Ken Evoy's operation was a training course which he offered free, to everyone who became an affiliate.  The course was called the Affiliate Master Course.  I decided that I would skip the first part of the SBI process and jump right into a sure-fire money making scheme and build a web site based on that course.  So was born. was not the automatic success I imagined it would be, and I must accept all the blame.  I used all the tools which SBI provided, but I skipped over the system ... I didn't learn to use the tools.

I really should have known better, because a few years earlier I had enrolled in a wood-working course because I wanted to make some furniture using all the great industrial type tools and machines which the school had.  One of the first things that our instructor made us do was to construct a tool-box completely by hand.  He believed that unless we knew the manual techniques, we would never become masters with the machines and power-tools.  Both the tool-box and the furniture I later designed and built are a life-long testimony to the his methods.

So I used SBI to build a website with a modest amount of traffic, but since it wasn't a topic I was very interested in (except for possibly earning money from it), I didn't put in much effort.  On top of that I had various personal setbacks ranging from my computer system being stolen, to major health issues.  I finally sold in late 2007.

My Second SBI Site

tire information world logo

My second attempt to build a web-site using SBI began in late 2004 when was born.  Part of the SBI philosophy was starting to rub off on me, perhaps through osmosis, by participating in the user forum which SBI runs, but still I had not gone back to basics and built the site using the proven formula which SBI teaches: C-T-P-M. The letters stand for Content, Traffic, Pre-Selling and Monetization.

In spite of only partially following the system, I managed to develop a regular traffic of around 100 visitors a day when I was faced with a major health challenge, and I virtually put all of my life on hold until late in 2007.

When I resumed work on this web site in 2007, I decided to go back to some of the basics, and, through experience, I can tell you it's a lot harder to do it over, that it is to do it right the first time ... even if it seems to take you longer.  In a relatively short time, I was able to increase traffic to TIW to over 300 a day and by early 2009 I can see traffic edging to break an average of 500 unique visitors a day.

This site does not have any product to sell, but is providing a reliable, growing income which, as of 2009 has never fallen below $100.00 a month.

Third Time Around, this site, is my third attempt at building an SBI site, and it is being done by-the-book  -- or as close to it as an old dog with bad habits can be made to do.

In terms of enjoyment and traffic, this is so far my most successful SBI site.  In less than 6 months my daily traffic had broken the 100 mark and continues to rise.  It's still too early to comment on income from the site because I haven't put a great amount of attention to that element.

Perhaps this doesn't sound like much, when you measure it against some of the fabulous super-stories which run around the internet these days, but when you compare it to the millions of people who have paid dearly to have professional sites built and then give up as a lost cause because the only way they can get traffic is by paying for advertising to send them visitors, it takes on a new light.   All this traffic is coming to me free, without one dime being spend to advertise the site -- and it's growing.

Summing it Up

After having built 3 websites using SBI, I can enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to build a successful web business.

I'd like to be clear that SBI isn't for everybody. 

  • First, it isn't a GRQ (get rich quick) plan. It's going to take some time. 
  • Next, it's not for state-of-the-art super techies who want to awe the world with all the latest and greatest technology.  -- it's about building a business, not showing off.
  • It's not a money-making machine which you just plug in and it will start printing dollars.  You're going to have to learn to run the business -- but once you do, you'll have a skill that will last a lifetime.

The people I've gotten to know, and become friends with through my association with SBI are top notch, from Ken Evoy and his wife Janice, through many other SBI web-site owners.  I had the pleasure of participating in a Caribbean Cruise with about 40 of them in early 2008 and almost felt that being able to participate in that group alone was worth all the time and effort I'd invested since I started with the system.

sbi cruise
SBI Cruise 2008

So, if you want to build a successful web business, or have a hobby which will pay for itself as well as provide you with lots of entertainment, SBI is what I can recommend. Try it -- you'll like it!  Click here to go to Site Build It.

Best wishes,


PS  Are you skeptical about my endorsement because I am an SBI affiliate?  Look at it this way, I'd endorse SBI even if they didn't pay me, but since they've offered me a commission, I won't turn it down.

If you'd like to become an affiliate, you can too, by clicking here, but you won't get it any cheaper and anywhere else you try to buy it you'll be dealing with an affiliate.

There's only one way of possibly getting a lower price on SBI, and that is to wait until there is a special promotional price which often involves getting an extra SBI site for a lower price.  If you don't find one now at this linkand are prepared to wait, follow me on Twitter, where I often announce specials when they come up.

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