Magic and Shrimp Cookery

The idea of combining magic with shrimp cookery comes from the simple notion that great food is more than just something to nourish our bodies:  it is also entertaining.

Great chefs and cooks are often known for the flair which they display when they prepare and serve a meal. They use color, and presentation to enhance what they prepare.

Here we add another tool to the arsenal:  magic tricks which can be used as a supplement to the serving of the dish, but we hope that the introduction of this tool to the chef's utensils will not stop there.

With experience and imagination, I'm certain that we will see the tricks which we present here, adapted and molded into an intregal part of a meal, so that, in the end, it will be impossible to separate the two and define when the food stops and the magic begins.

If you've never ventured into the world of magic before, you might want to start by looking at How to Do Magic to get a better idea of what's in store for you.

Our Magic Tricks

Some of these magic tricks are named after the recipes where we introduce them, but they may be adapted or changed as the chef, or shrimp wizard, wishes.

  • If you're just beginning as a magician here's a few basic tips and hints.
  • Scampi magic is an effect in which the magician demonstrates the capacity to see the future.
  • Shrimp soup magic is a self-working card trick in which a card, chosen by a volunteer, but never revealed to the magician, is the only one left after all other cards are blindly discarded.
  • Shrimp Pil Pil magic is another self-working trick involving the previous preparation of a sealed envelope which contains the answer to a calculation the volunteer makes using his own numbers.
  • In Magnetic Cards you feel the vibrations of the cards to help you discover what your volunteer has done.
  • The Magic Envelope is a trick where the magician asks for a volunteer to write down number and add them up.  A previously sealed envelop is opened containing the same total which the volunteer calculated.
  • The Magic Practice of palming a coin is a basic and essential skill you'll want to learn.
  • Card forcing is a fundamental to learn when you're doing card tricks.
  • A Magic Show in a Matchbox can also be done using toothpicks.  Learn about it at Toothpick Magic.
  • Rope Magic is not only an easy portable kind of magic to learn, it has practical benefits, too.

Other effects

  • Crystal Ball is a little program that, more than anything, demonstrates the sassy attitude which you computer might get if you allow it to start dabbling in fortune telling.  It might be good for a quick laugh if you don't take it seriously.
  • The Mind Reader is a bit of a change from the other magic presented here.  Use your computer to present this one.


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