Magic Practice - Palming

Of all the magic practices which you might learn, palming is possibly one of the first and most important you'll find.

In reality it is quite simple and easy to do, but you'll want to practice this frequently to make sure you can do it quickly, effortlessly and smoothly.

Palming a coin

Palming a coin is perhaps the best to start with.

Hold your hand open, palm up, and with your other hand place a coin flat in the middle of your open palm.  It will almost naturally be placed in the center of the palm.  Press lightly on the coin with the first finger of your free hand, and begin to close the hand with the coin slightly, bringing your thumb and finger tips together as if you were going to grab something with them.

If you stop pressing on the coin, you'll notice that it is now being held in place between the muscle at the base of your thumb and the flesh at the base of your fingers.  At this stage you could turn your hand over so the palm faces the floor and the coin will remain in place without moving.

Now close your fingers to form a loose fist and you'll see that the coin is under the fingertips of your closed hand.

What you want to practice is to be able to pick up a coin in that same hand and, without using the other hand, move the coin to this center position and hold it using the fleshy part of your thumb and palm, keeping your hand in a relaxed, natural open position.

T. Nelson Downs became so expert at this that he was able to palm more than 12 silver dollars at one time!

Notice that you can still use your thumb and fingers of the hand with a coin held in the palm to pick up other objects.  In fact, in picking up and doing things with the hand while you have the coin palmed in it, helps create the illusion that your hand is emply, so long as you keep the inside of the hand facing downward or away from your audience.

Work on this basic magic practice with one coin until you can do it effortlessly and smoothly with a single coin.  Later you may want to try it with other objects or even several coins at one time.  One magician, T. Nelson Downs became so expert at this that he was able to palm more than 12 silver dollars at one time!

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