Great Ideas

Great Ideas are too good to keep secret

In the course of doing research for things that other shrimp lovers or magic aficionados would find useful, I'll run across things that just don't fit into a simple category, but are too good to keep to myself.

I assure you that everything you find listed here has been seen and inspected by myself -- there's no way anyone who thinks they shrimp/magic lovers would be an easy mark for something they have to flog can get a link snuck in here. 

That's not to say that I can personally vouch for everything that is shown here.  If I've had personal experience, I will describe my experience to you and it would be reasonable to expect that you might have the same results.  If I have no personal experience, then I've simply verified that what is here appears to be genuine.  If you have reason to think otherwise, please Contact Me and give me your story.

 And please, if you've got any great ideas of your own, tell me about them, I'll check them out and may feature them here, too.

All you can eat Shrimp

all you can eat shrimp

This has got to be a shrimp lover's dream.  I don't know how long it will be available, but Cactus Willies  certainly has got one of those great ideas. If I were anywhere within 100 miles I'd be the first person on their doorstep. Any other restaurant which follows their lead will surely get my attention!

Cruise Ship Tip

cruise ship shrimpOne thing which cruise ships are famous for is their excellent dining, but here's one of those great ideas that you might not know.  When you are in the formal dining room, you can often request that the choices which are featured on the menu be adapted to your own preferences.

On one cruise I took recently with Royal Caribbean, the dinner menu offered a Shrimp and Lobster combo which featured, I think 6, jumbo shrimp.  Being the shrimp fanatic that I am, I asked if I could have that dish with the number of shrimp doubled and, voila, my wish was granted.  Maybe this won't work 100% of the time, but, if you never ask -- you'll never know.

Wine Tips

It's likely safe to assume that all who frequent this web site love shrimps but when it comes to choosing wine to go with our favorite food, things might get a bit complicated.

I could give you my recommendations and yet, when you try them you might be disappointed because my tastes differ from yours. So how do you choose wines?

A good starting point is to learn some of the distinguishing characteristics of different types of wine. I've found an excellent web site to begin your quest. Taste Wine and Enjoy has all the information you need for choosing wines to pair with your favorite recipes. I highly recommend it.

Besides the page I've already mentioned, I also like the list of Wine Terms will help you talk with your waiter with some degree of authority and conviction when you're dining out.

A Great Vacation Idea

chef- ok great ideasThe most enjoyable and memorable vacations I've ever had combined learning something new with my visiting new places and tasting new flavors.  Now, out of the blue, I learned of something that really stirs my imagination.

Can you imagine visiting a 400 year-old villa in Tuscany for an unforgettable lunch and coming away knowing how to prepare an authentic Italian meal right from the antipasto to the last morsel of the dolce?

That's what is offered at You can bet that the next time I travel anywhere near, I'm going to make a point of checking this out.

A Great Cooking Resource

Sometimes, in the course of searching around for good recipes and other fresh ideas for serving shrimps and prawns, you stumble on unexpected little goldmines.  I think that Wizardrecipes could be one of these.

What I found I particularly liked about it was the way it is organized, by presenting foods and cooking ideas in a variety of categories, such as:

  •    Courses: a selection of 102unique courses
  •    Cuisine: 216 different cuisines ranging from African to Thai
  •    Desserts: 206 recipes including pies, tarts, salads
  •    Drinks: 57 cocktails and drink recipes
  •    Healthy Options : 74 vegan, meatless foods
  •    Main Ingredients: 184 recipes by main ingredients
  •    Preparation Method:  69 methods for preparing ingredients
  •    Seasonal: 67 foods that are in this season
  •    Specialty: 131 specialty foods such as seafood, pork, beef, cheese, poultry, and other
  •    Type Of Dish: 151 recipes sorted by type of dish
  •    Breakfast: 23 recipes for a good and healty breakfast
  •    Salads: 34 Appetizer salads, Accompaniment salads, Main dishes
If this kind of organization suits your fancy you may find it well worth your while to check it out at

Cooks Recipe Central - another Great Idea

cooks rc logo

Helga, has created a delightful site called Cooks Recipe Central, in which she offers a broad variety of fun, interesting and resourceful cooking ideas, nicely organized into the categories of:  

  • Appetizers, 
  • Beef, 
  • Cakes, 
  • Cake Frostings, 
  • Casseroles, 
  • Chicken, 
  • Frugal Meals, 
  • Hamburger, 
  • Making Meatballs, 
  • Meatball Sauces, 
  • Pork, 
  • Salads, 
  • Salad Dressings, 
  • Soups, and 
  • Vegetables.
If you are looking for ideas and tips from someone who cooks for the love of it, you'll enjoy a visit to Cooks Recipe Central

For Lovers of Lobster

lobster queen

I'm a lover of shrimp and other seafood has taken a back-seat in my priorities, but I'm always open to new tastes and experiences.  

Lobster is certainly one of those that has an appeal and I've seen a website which specializes in just that:  One of the prominent features of this nicely presented site are videos on how to eat lobster.  These may tempt you to relax a bit and really enjoy your lobster feast in a way you might not have done before.  If you like lobster Christina's is certainly worth a visit.

dinner party

Kalisha has put together a delightful website for people who are into giving or planning dinner parties. Just a few of the useful areas which are dealt with include:

  • A Julia Child Inspired Dinner Party
  • Menu Planning Tips and Techniques
  • Successful Table Setting
  • When to hire outside help.
  • Bridal Shower Menus and Ideas
  • Italian Dinner Party Menus
  • Birthday Party Planning
  • Healthy Entertaining On A Budget
If any of these topics interest you, you'll find them discussed at  Dinner Party Menu Ideas.


Although I am a confirmed lover of shrimps, I do eat and enjoy other foods too.  In fact, I think if I didn't eat other foods, I might even start yearning for a change at some time.  

When I'm not eating shrimp I do like to eat wholesome food which doesn't take a lot of time and effort to prepare. To this end, Ellen, whose created Healthy Quick Meals, has caught my fancy.

She has compiled an extensive assortment of recipes to feed you and your family in a quick and nutritious fashion. Her recipe collection includes:

  • easy pasta recipes
  • summer recipes
  • salad recipes
  • pork recipes
  • homemade soup recipes
  • healthy snack recipes
  • healthy dessert recipes
  • vegetarian recipes
  • bean recipes
  • fish recipes
  • egg recipes
  • easy baking recipes
  • crockpot recipes
  • chicken recipes
  • blender recipes
  • beef recipes
  • food processor recipes

Healthy Quick Meals is well worth a visit if you're looking for ideas or inspiration.


When I first discovered this website, my very first impression was "Wow!  I never imagined there was so much to say about asparagus."

Well I, too, can be considered a lover of asparagus and I can wholeheartedly recommend that if you also enjoy them you will likely find something to tickle your palate here.

As the website states: "there are recipes for Asparagus, cream of asparagus soup recipe, asparagus spears recipes, recipe for asparagus, asparagus casserole recipe" and they go on to boast that they have "more ways to cook asparagus than there are ways to serach it on the web!"

If you want to test the claim, or simply find some new way to prepare this delicacy then a visit to see what Sue has for you at will be worth your time.

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